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At Signature Advisors, we specialize in offering solutions meticulously tailored to individuals, helping them mitigate threats and regain control over their information. We incorporate industry-standard protocols and strategies, ensuring our clients are well-equipped to face their unique situations and challenges.

apps and phones TO keep your family safe

         Kids deserve safety and confidence online, we have tools to provide confidence and shield them from predators.



We have a great partnership with the folks at Canopy. They leverage artificial intelligence to protect your kids from sending their photos online and have a parental portal as well to set up the controls and get alerts. We highly recommend this for any parents of adolescents with a phone or tablet.

Use our code on their website to always save money year round:



 Secure Devices


If you are looking for a phone that is appropriate for young kids up to teenagers that provides everything for your peace of mind, here is why GABB is our top recommendation:

Innovative Spam Filter for Texting

No internet browser

No social media

App store only parents can access


Access to school apps in secure environment









Kids Digital Safety Program

Bark Phone & app

Benefits of choosing Bark:

Contact approval

Application controls

Texting Monitoring

Monitor Websites


Bullying/Sexting alerting


Geared for Elementary to High School Ages.




 Secure Devices


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